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Our Mission

We make products that enhance your life by maximizing comfort and efficiency in a simple, seamless way that just works

Our Team

  • Photo of Neil Joseph

    Neil Joseph

    Founder & CEO

  • Photo of Jack McFarland

    Jack McFarland


  • Photo of Chuck Kring

    Chuck Kring

    VP Engineering

  • Photo of Brian Hamilton

    Brian Hamilton

    VP Business & Product

  • Photo of Rich Manzana

    Rich Manzana


  • Photo of Dayo Gomih

    Dayo Gomih

    Business Systems

  • Photo of Chris Cardenas

    Chris Cardenas


  • Photo of Brian Barbe

    Brian Barbe


  • Photo of Katie McDonald

    Katie McDonald


  • Photo of Alexander Vogt

    Alexander Vogt


  • Photo of Jeanne Peng

    Jeanne Peng


  • Photo of Amy Solenberg

    Amy Solenberg

    Design & UX

  • Photo of Fong Liu

    Fong Liu

    Product Development